HMS Berwick

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1920

HMS Berwick was built by Beardmore at Dalmuir on the Clyde, laid down on the 19th April 1901, launched 20th September 1902 and completed 9th December 1903. She joined the Home Fleet and served in the Portsmouth Division of the home fleet. On 2nd April 1908, The Portsmouth Division of the Home Fleet, under the command of Rear-Admiral Farquhar, flying his flag on HMS Prince George, left Portsmouth for exercise in the Channel, with the Torpedo-Flotilla following later with orders to attack the squadron after darkness had fallen.

A little after 8 pm the destroyers attacked the fleet, 18 miles south of St Catherine's with their lights out. During the attack HMS Tiger, while crossing the bows of HMS Berwick, was struck by the cruisers ram and cut completely in two. The fore end of the destroyer sank almost at once, the after part remaining afloat long enough for 13 men to be rescued form it. In all 22 of her crew were saved, but 28 were lost, including Lt W E Middleton, who was in command.

HMS Berwick was sold for scrapping in 1920.

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