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I collect postcards concentrating mainly on old ships and liners.  Links to the postcards I have collected  are below.  My postcards are also categorized by Publisher and Series - so follow the links below as appropriate.  I am trying to ensure all my postcards are 'of the period' and not reproductions, therefore I am mainly collecting those that have been postally used.  The messages are often just as fascinating as the ships themselves, and I have included information on the ships and their history as well as specific details about the postcards.   If you find any errors, or can provide any translations for the ones written in German, French or Japanese - please let me know!!   I also  have pages showing ships that I have not been able to identify, and would be grateful for any help.    Please use my Guest Book page to contact me


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I have also included information on various people and topics associated with the ships and liners - and these are listed below.


The Grand Fleet

Battle of Jutland -  31st May 1916

The Battle Dogger Bank -  24 Jan 1915

Scapa Flow - 21 June 1919

Loss of HMS Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue

Admiral Sir John Jellicoe

Vice-Admiral Beatty


Rear Admiral Franz von Hipper

Field Marshal The Rt Hon Earl Kitchener

Field Marshal Sir John French

Lastly there are some postcards of ships that do not identify the ship pictured, but are still interesting.  For these - follow the link below.


Other Shipping postcards


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