HMS Revenge 1915-1948

The Ship

Scrapped September 1948

HMS Revenge was initially going to be called HMS Renown. She was built by Vickers and launched on the 29th of May 1915. She was commissioned into the Royal navy in February 1916 and joined the 1st battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet in March 1916. She was present at The Battle of Jutland and temporarily became flagship to Vice Admiral Burney (after the torpedoing of his ship HMS Marlborough. She also fired both her 3 inch AA Guns and her main 15 inch Armament at a Zeppelin during the late stages of the battle.

In November 1916 she became the flagship of Admiral Madden (second in command of The Grand Fleet) After the first world war she was sent to the Mediterranean station in 1920, and was stationed with HMS Ramillies at Ismid in June 1920 during the Brief war between Greece and Turkey. In July 1920 she joined the 1st Battle squadron guarding British interests during the seizure of Mudania and in August returned to join the Atlantic Fleet. She served in the Home Fleet and Atlantic Fleet. However due to her poor condition she was reduced to the reserve on the 30th September 1943. She served for a while as a depot ship and was scrapped at Inverkeithing 5th September 1948.

Displacement: 28,500 without bulges, 30,100 Speed: 21.0 knots Compliment: 920. Armament: Eight 15-inch guns in pairs and fourteen 6-inch guns. Two 3 inch Anti Aircraft Guns.

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