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I have recently started a postcard collection concentrating in two areas, ships and liners and old greetings cards.  I have just started to catalogue my ships and liners, and the links to the postcards I have collected to date are below.  I am trying to ensure all my postcards are of the period and not reproductions, therefore I am mainly collecting those that have been postally used.  The messages are often just as fascinating as the ships themselves, and I have included information on the ships and their history as well as specific details about the postcards themselves.  Have fun - and if you can provide any translations for the ones written in German, French or Japanese - please do!!

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Shipping Line   Ship
Allan Line    
  RMS Corsican
America Line    
  SS Leviathan (SS Vaterland)
  TSS New York
Anchor Line (Cunard)    
  TSS Caledonia (IV)
  TSS Cameronia (II)
  TSS Transylvania (II)
  RMS Aquitania
  RMS Berengaria (Imperator)
  RMS Campania
  RMS Carinthia (III)
  RMS Carpathia
  RMS Franconia (II)
  RMS Ivernia (I)
  RMS Ivernia (II)
  RMS Lancastria
  RMS Lusitania
  RMS Mauretania (I)
  RMS Queen Elizabeth
  RMS Queen Mary
  RMS Tyrrhenia
  SS Saxonia
  SS Saxonia (Carmania and Leoni
  SS Umbria
Cunard White Star    
  RMS Ascania (II)
  RMS Carinthia (II)
  RMS Mauretania (II)
General Steam Navigation Company    
  PS Mavis
German Navy    
  Konigin Luise
  SM Hulk Leipzig
  SM Kreuzer Gefion
  SM Linienschiff Westfalen
  SM Torpedoboot S178
  SM Turbinenlinienschiff Kaiser
  SMS Augsburg
  SMS Blucher
  SMS Deutschland
  SMS Goeben
  SMS Grosser Kurfurst
  SMS Helgoland
  SMS Hildebrandt
  SMS Konig Wilhelm
  SMS Luchs
  SMS Moltke
  SMS Seydlitz
  SMS Strassburg
  SMS Thuringen
  SMS Zahringen
  Unterseeboot U118
  Unterseeboot U7
  Unterseeboot U9
Hamburg-American Line    
  SS Imperator (Berengaria)
  TSS Statendam
IOM Steam Packet Company    
  SS Viking
New Zealand Shipping Company    
  RMS Rimutaka
Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) German Merchant Navy    
  Kaiser Wilhelm II
  Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse
Orient Royal Mail    
  SS Orontes
Orient-Pacific Line    
  RMS Ophir
P & O    
  SS Ranchi
  SS Viceroy of India
  PS Mavis
Queen Line    
  MV Queen of the Channel (1)
Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co. Steamers    
  R & O Steamer Kingston
  Rapids King
Royal Navy    
  HM Submarine A1
  HM Submarine A3
  HM Submarine Affray
  HM Submarine C31
  HM Submarine C32
  HM Submarine D7
  HM Submarine E1
  HM Submarine E6
  HM Submarine J1
  HM Submarine No 1 (Holland 1)
  HM Submarine No 2
  HM Submarine No 3
  HM Submarine No 4
  HM Submarine No 5
  HM Submarine No A8
  HM Submarine No B5
  HM Submarine No D1
  HM Torpedo Boat No 110
  HMS Aboukir
  HMS Adventure
  HMS Africa
  HMS Agamemnon 1877-1903
  HMS Agamemnon 1906-1927
  HMS Ajax 1880-1904
  HMS Ajax 1934-1949
  HMS Albermarle (Albemarle)
  HMS Amazon
  HMS Andromeda
  HMS Antrim
  HMS Aphis
  HMS Apollo
  HMS Ark Royal
  HMS Ark Royal 1938-1941
  HMS Audacious
  HMS Barfleur
  HMS Barham
  HMS Bedford
  HMS Bellerophon
  HMS Benbow 1914-1931
  HMS Benbow 1985-1909
  HMS Berwick
  HMS Birmingham
  HMS Black Prince
  HMS Blanche
  HMS Blenheim
  HMS Bristol
  HMS Britannia
  HMS Bullfinch
  HMS Bulwark
  HMS Caesar
  HMS Canopus
  HMS Canterbury
  HMS Caradoc
  HMS Carysfort
  HMS Centaur
  HMS Centurion
  HMS Challenger
  HMS Collingwood
  HMS Colossus
  HMS Commonwealth
  HMS Conqueror
  HMS Cornwallis
  HMS Crescent
  HMS Cressy
  HMS Cumberland
  HMS Curacao
  HMS Decoy
  HMS Defence
  HMS Defiance
  HMS Diadem
  HMS Dido
  HMS Dominion
  HMS Donegal
  HMS Doris
  HMS Drake
  HMS Dreadnought
  HMS Duke of Edinburgh
  HMS Duncan
  HMS Eagle
  HMS Effingham
  HMS Empress of India
  HMS Erebus
  HMS Escort
  HMS Essex
  HMS Europa
  HMS Exmouth
  HMS Fame (13)
  HMS Fearless 1911-1921
  HMS Flirt
  HMS Formidable
  HMS Forte
  HMS Forward
  HMS Furious
  HMS Gladiator
  HMS Glasgow
  HMS Glory
  HMS Gloucester
  HMS Goliath
  HMS Good Hope
  HMS Gorgon
  HMS Hannibal
  HMS Hazard
  HMS Hercules
  HMS Hermes
  HMS Highflyer
  HMS Hind
  HMS Hindustan
  HMS Hogue (HMS Hague)
  HMS Hood
  HMS Hunter
  HMS Hyacinth
  HMS Icarus
  HMS Illustrious
  HMS Implacable
  HMS Indefatigable
  HMS Indomitable
  HMS Invincible (V)
  HMS Iron Duke
  HMS Irresistible
  HMS Juno
  HMS Jupiter
  HMS Kent
  HMS King Alfred
  HMS King Edward VII
  HMS King George V
  HMS Laertes
  HMS Lancaster
  HMS Leander
  HMS Leda
  HMS Liberty
  HMS Lion
  HMS Liverpool
  HMS London 1902-1920
  HMS London 1927-1950
  HMS Lord Nelson
  HMS Magnificent
  HMS Majestic
  HMS Malaya
  HMS Maori
  HMS Marlborough
  HMS Mars
  HMS Minotaur
  HMS Monarch
  HMS Monmouth 1903-1914
  HMS Montagu
  HMS Naiad
  HMS Neptune
  HMS New Zealand
  HMS New Zealandia
  HMS Newcastle
  HMS Niobe
  HMS Ocean
  HMS Orion
  HMS Patrol
  HMS Pegasus
  HMS Peterel
  HMS Powerful
  HMS Prince George
  HMS Princess Royal
  HMS Queen
  HMS Queen Elizabeth
  HMS Ramillies
  HMS Ranger
  HMS Renard
  HMS Renown 1895-1914
  HMS Renown 1916-1948
  HMS Repulse
  HMS Resolution
  HMS Revenge
  HMS Rodney
  HMS Royal Oak 1892-1914
  HMS Royal Oak 1914-1939
  HMS Royal Sovereign (IV)
  HMS Royal Sovereign (V)
  HMS Russell
  HMS Sapphire
  HMS Sentinel
  HMS Shannon
  HMS Skirmisher
  HMS Spiteful
  HMS St. Vincent
  HMS Superb
  HMS Sutlej (HMS Sutlez)
  HMS Swift
  HMS Syren
  HMS Talbot
  HMS Temeraire
  HMS Terrible
  HMS Thames
  HMS Theseus
  HMS Thunderer
  HMS Tiger
  HMS Triumph
  HMS Valient
  HMS Vanguard
  HMS Venerable
  HMS Vengeance
  HMS Victorious
  HMS Victory
  HMS Vindictive (HMS Cavendish)
  HMS Vixen
  HMS Wallace
  HMS Warrior
  HMS Warsprite 1913-1947
  HMS Whirlwind
  HMS Wryneck
  SS Turakina
South Eastern & Chatham Railway Company    
  TS Invicta
The New Medway Steam Packet Co    
  MV Queen of the Channel (II)
US Navy    
  USS Agamemnon
Union-Castle Line    
  Durban Castle
  Winchester Castle
White Star    
  RMS Baltic
  RMS Britannic (III)
  RMS Homeric
  RMS Majestic (SS Bismark)
  RMS Megantic
  RMS Oceanic (II)
  RMS Olympic
  RMS Titanic
  SS Doric (II)


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